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Application period for foreign students: 6 August 2019, 08.00 am (Hungarian time) – 13 August 2019, 12.00 am (noon - Hungarian time)

Announcement of results: 14 August 2019, 16.00

Before you apply

Please note that we have limited number of dormitory places and the number of applicants are usually over the limit.

Please apply for the dormitory only if you accept the following rules:

- The dormitories accept male and female students as well. Genders are not mixed in the rooms, but the common areas are mixed and there can be a male room next to a female room. This is totally common and accepted in Hungary.

- You cannot request to be placed or not placed in the same room with a person of a certain nationality. The room distribution is done by the dormitory manager before your arrival in Budapest.

- You cannot ask to be placed or not placed in the same room with someone of a given religion. You have decided to live in a foreign country. Part of this experience is to achieve cultural understanding, e.g. acceptance of the fact that someone may have a culture and religion different from yours. Everyone is, of course, allowed to practice their religion, but, at the same time all are expected to respect the customs and religion of others.

- In case of any problems or disagreements, you must accept the decision of the dormitory manager.


If you are a Stipendium Hungaricum student

All together 220 beds are saved for the Stipendium Hungaricum students. 110 beds in Kinizsi Dormitory and 110 beds in Tarkarét Dormitory. Please note that application doesn’t mean acceptance. We can’t promise you a dormitory place for sure. The application result will come out by 14 August 2019. We can’t guarantee that you get a place in the dormitory you choose. You may get a place only in the other one or in none of them at all.

Moving in and out during the semester is NOT allowed.

We will send you the result of your application and the information about the steps that must be done via Neptun. Don’t worry if you still don’t have a Neptun code as you will get it from your study program coordinator in August. You can check in the Survival Guide what Neptun is.

If you need any information on the dormitories of Corvinus please check the Survival Guide. 

If you have any question regarding the dormitory application please send an e-mail to

Utolsó frissítés: 2019.08.13.